What We Believe

Why would you consider the Episcopal Church?  How can you be sure that this church is teaching the truth?  Does God exist?  Is Jesus Christ God in human nature?  What are people doing in this Church?

The Episcopal Church believes there are four essential ingredients or cornerstones to be sure that the basic teachings of your church are true.  Over many centuries, countless intelligent minds have studied the evidence and agreed with eye witnesses that God does exist and Jesus Christ is who he said he is.  That being said, Jesus Christ said and implicitly taught what were the ingredients, characteristics or cornerstones of his Church. 

The Episcopal Church believes that these four essentials are:

1) The Apostolic ministry
2) The sacraments
3) The faith
4) The scriptures

We encourage you to use your mind and ask questions about the above “essentials.”  They provide a rich basis for further discussion and learning.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you discover why you should consider the Episcopal Church.


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